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Book Title: The Dream Collector “Sabrine & Vincent van Gogh”

Series: Book II

Author: R.w. Meek

Publication Date: April 30th, 2024

Publisher: Historium Press

Pages: 651

Genre: Historical Fiction





Sabrine, hospitalized for five years at the infamous Salpêtrière Asylum for Women, gains her release due to intervention of her sister Julie Forette and a young Sigmund Freud. The reunited sisters are introduced to the dazzling art milieu of 1886 Paris, and soon become close friends to the leading Impressionists. Sabrine attracts a cult following as a poetess, the enigmatic "Haiku Princess." Seemingly cured by Freud of her Grand Hysteria, Sabrine soon enters into a tumultuous relationship with Vincent van Gogh.


Julie and Sigmund Freud, alarmed by the eerie parallels between the emotionally volatile couple and their self-destructive impulses, begin an urgent search to discover the root causes for Sabrine and Vincent's growing psychoses. Julie, 'The Dream Collector' seeks their most unforgettable dream for Freud's interpretation and revelations occur.


The Dream Collector is an exploration of the psychological consequences of betrayal, abandonment--and the redemptive power of art.



The Dream Collector Excerpt: 

                                                  “Returning to the Nest” 

AS f.f. and I found our way to Sabrine’s door, we heard loud tapping from inside. Entering, we quietly set our presents down, transfixed: Sabrine was busily hammering a bird’s nest to the wall. When finished, she began rummaging inside a large, wood crate at her feet where more nests were deeply stacked. As she was still unaware of our presence, we gazed at her handiwork. 

The wall had become a tableau of nests, of varying sizes and colours, hung in artistic patterns. There were pin wheels, undulating waves, and even nests so remarkably assembled that they resembled musical notes.  It seemed as if she had imagined her own firmament—but replaced stars with nests. 

f.f. cleared his throat to signal we were in the room.  “May we be of humble assistance?” he queried. 

Not at all surprised by our presence, she held out a nest made of fine hay straw. “Oh, yes! You can reach much higher than I.” 

“Only in the most literal and mundane sense; but first...” He took off his top hat and removed his kid gloves before taking the nest, peering inside. “Any leftover eggs to be concerned about?” 

“Oh, Vincent and I never took nests where there were eggs or baby birds.”  

We put the mention of Vincent aside. I sat down on the floor, next to my sister, inspecting the various nests inside the crate. I simply did not want her to know that Vincent had voluntarily committed himself to the Saint Paul Asylum.




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R.w. Meek has a Master’s degree in Art History from the American University in Washington, D.C., his areas of expertise are Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, with a particular interest in Vincent van Gogh. 

His first novel The Dream Collector “Sabrine & Sigmund Freud” was voted runner-up by the Historical Fiction Company for best novel of 2022. 

Born in Baltimore, he currently resides with his wife Pamela in Santa Clarita, California. He’s passionate about art, cinema, literature and jazz. His two dogs, Reve and Banjo, were awarded angelic status in heaven.



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