The Frowning Madonna

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Fall in love with THE FROWNING MADONNA:  

Beware the hand that holds it...

The Roman Empire is on the brink of collapse. Lalia gathers with fellow supplicants to call on the Goddess Cybele to aid Londinium. A rival mob attacks, and a golden orb is lost, trapping the goddess in her statue. Before she turns to stone, Cybele lays a curse on Lalia's head; she is bound in a cycle of reincarnation and death. Time and again, Lalia must choose between ending the curse and saving the city she loves from destruction. 

A unique blend of history, mythology and fantasy, this is a story of friendship, loyalty and love with a backdrop of 1500 years of English history. 

☑️ Historical Fiction

☑️ Adventure

☑️ Mythology

☑️ Fantasy

☑️ Romance


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