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Author Interview: Elizabeth Merry author of We All Die in the End

This is my first author interview. I love reading about my favorite authors, what inspires them, how they handle the process, what makes them tick as a writer. My first interviewee, is the brave Elizabeth Merry, the first to volunteer to subject themselves to my questioning. I did go easy on her, though. 
JMR Welcome, Elizabeth and thank you for allowing me to peer into your life, at least a little bit. Let's start with some easy questions. Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you, where do you live? What’s your definition of a good time? EM My name is Elizabeth Merry and I live in Dublin, Ireland. Here, I raised my family - all adults now - and I have two grandchildren, the apples of my two eyes! My idea of a good day would be to meet my daughters in town for lunch and then to spend the afternoon shopping, preferably for a beautiful bag! Then a glass of wine somewhere really nice, and finally dinner, with the boys as well, in an Italian restaurant. As Enid Blyton used to say - the…

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