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Rags of Time by Michael Ward

Rags of Time by Michael Ward Published: July 2019 Publisher: Burnaby Press Genre: Historical Fiction, England, 17th century Available: ebook, paperback pages: 364 paperback Sequel: Yes, coming 2020
Sex: ❤ none Violence: 😨 yes, its a murder mystery + incidental violence
Reviewers Note: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Click on the book cover above or the Amazon button below for more information on this book. 
Authors Bio: Writing has been central to Mike Ward’s professional life. On graduating from university he became a journalist, working in newspapers and for the BBC. He then went into journalism education, teaching and researching journalism practice before becoming head of the UK’s prestigious Journalism School at UCLan. For the last eight years he has run his own content creation company.
‘Rags of Time’ is Mike’s debut novel. Its sequel is due to be published late in 2020.
The Plot in Brief: (no spoilers) In 1639, Thomas, the son of wealthy spi…

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