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The Midsummer Women

  THE MIDSUMMER WOMEN  is available now for pre-order. Publication date is 4 June 2024!  The Blurb: Since childhood, Ethnobotanist Hannah Heronstone has had a passion for healing plants and their use through the centuries. Orphaned at birth, she’s unaware of her connection to an ancient lineage of cunning women, healers, and yes, even witches. But they have not forgotten about her.    A surprise invitation to an archaeological dig lures Hannah to Maine and the site of a long forgotten English colony, abandoned in 1608. The presence of Dr. Peter Wentworth, rich, charming, and a recent fling, is an intriguing complication. But the thrill is cut short as the dig is plagued by accidents and attacks while bizarre visions disturb Hannah’s days and strange dreams fill her nights. Questioning her sanity, she turns to a trio of local women, who claim descent from a sisterhood of natural healers and practitioners of earthly magic, the Midsummer Women.     Together they help Hannah connect with t

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