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Author Interview: Stephen H. Smith of Black Rose Writing

Happy Tuesday Everyone. Here's another great Author Interview. Today's victim is Stephen H. Smith, a fellow Black Rose Writer author. We are going to talk about his new book, the very timely, The Ice Man Kills. 
JMR- Hi Steve, tell us about yourself. Where do you live, what do you do when you’re not writing? What is the perfect day? 
SS- I live near Cincinnati OH. But I have traveled to and lived in most of the places in the novel, including several of the cities mentioned in the US, the Caribbean, Argentina, and China. When I'm not writing, I'm designing pharmaceutical plants, going to visit drug manufacturers, giving flight instruction, teaching English as a second language, volunteering, or helping my triplet children. - The perfect day for me would be to teach flying in an airplane, go soaring in a glider, bike a couple of hours in the countryside, teach English as a second language, read the Bible, and enjoy a tall dark chocolate milkshake from Baskin Robins. – By t…

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