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The Writer's Life: Writing Podcast to prod, motivate, entertain and throw gas on the flames!

The writer's life can be a lonely one. Tucked away in a quiet room for hours on end with no one but your characters to keep you company can give you a sense of isolation. One of my favorite ways to interact with other writers is via social media. I have found many helpful writers out there, willing and able to lend a hand or just listen to a complaint or commiserate with your pain. It's a great way to actively engage with other writers and people in the book publishing/ free-lance writing industry. 
I like to work out three times a week at my local gym. Exercise gets me off my butt and keeps me sane. It reminds me that there is a world out there that has nothing to do with writing. It's also kinda boring. So, what do I do? I have started listening to podcasts (PC for short) to pass my time and make the elliptical fade into the architecture of the gym and at the same time learn more about the writing industry. I also listen to PCs like NPR and true crime, my friend Kat Clemo…

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