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Review: Sweet Comfort by Kimberly Fish

  SWEET COMFORT Comfort and Joy Trilogy, #1 by KIMBERLY FISH Women's Fiction / Later-In-Life Romance Second-Chance Romance /  Cozy Mystery Publisher: Fish Tales Page Count: 359 pages Publication Date: January 21, 2023 Scroll down for a giveaway! Welcome to the hometown everyone wants to call their own. Gloria Bachman, a retired bank executive, has eight weeks to flip a location on Comfort’s High Street into a boutique chocolate shop. Defying expectations for “women of a certain age,” Gloria rediscovers talents and a sharpening of skills. If only she could read people as well as she does a spreadsheet. Even with the renovation in good hands, the subsequent struggle to name the shop brings Gloria and her business partner into conflict with a shady citizen. While Gloria is capable of remaining in her retirement rut while opening a business, two competing social groups try to lure her into their networks, causing Gloria to wonder if she ever knew Comfort at all. A murder rocks the comm

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