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Book Review: Dance Me a Revolution by Marsha Mildon

  My review: First, thank you to Marsha Mildon for sending me a copy of her book, Dance Me a Revolution , in exchange for an honest review.  I am an avid reader of history and historical fiction and while not falling neatly into the definition of historical fiction, which most agree is 50 plus years, this book is full of what will be history. Set in the high Andes Mountains of Peru, primarily in 1989, there are flashbacks to 1979, a pivotal year for main character, Rosa Amura, a former terrorist.  The author first enchants us with descriptions of the Andean region where Rosa and her family live. Stories from their ancient past, the glory days of the Incan Empire, are threaded through the book. I really enjoyed learning about the life of the campesino, the peasant farmer, and their relationship to the land and the belief system of the Incas which persists in modern times.  I love food and love to read about food so I was happy to discover the author includes many meals and descriptions

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