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Paper Targets by Patricia Watts

    PAPER TARGETS by Patricia Watts   Suspense / Literary Fiction / Women's Fiction Publisher: Atmosphere Press Pages: 324 pages Publication Date: May 3, 2022 Scroll down for a giveaway! Everyone knew that Roanne never got angry­—until the night she killed her ex-husband and herself.   Roanne, a nice, suburban lady in her sixties who works at a Hallmark shop and volunteers at the Food Bank in Round Rock, Texas, calls her lifelong friend, Connie, confesses to murder, then puts the gun to her own head. Connie, spurred by Roanne’s last words about a lifetime of unspoken rage, sets aside her work as a cozy mystery writer and cupcake shop owner to confront the men who have stolen her dignity while she remained silent, including a bully brother, a rapist, and an ex-spouse. On a journey to reclaim her inner power and to make peace with the loss of her treasured friend, Connie’s mission is to avoid the same tragic path as Roanne, but she takes along a gun, just in case.   With pathos and

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