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Review and Giveaway: Rip the Sky by Mark Packard

    RIP THE SKY by Mark Packard Speculative Fiction / Fantasy / Science Fiction Publisher: Bluestreak Publishing Page Count: 317 pages Publication Date: August 21, 2023 Scroll down for a giveaway! After a shocking courtroom tragedy, a disturbed Vietnam veteran and the vindictive judge who sent him to prison become an unlikely pair of time travelers in a chaotic multiverse. The fallen angel who rescues them wants to guide them to a radiant new life. But first they must return to the scene of a ghastly crime. Billy Worster was a na├»ve teenager ill-prepared for the gruesome realities of war. The sole survivor of a deadly massacre in a Vietnamese jungle, he avoided certain death only because he ran away when the shooting started. Riddled with guilt, he comes home to a dusty Texas farm with post-traumatic stress disorder and the crazy notion that he can fly in and out of parallel worlds. As Billy struggles with addiction and questions his sanity, he is arrested on a drug charge and ends u

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