Review: The Dartington Bride by Rosemary Griggs


The Short Story: Immersive historical fiction set in France and Tudor England

This is the second book by author Rosemary Griggs that I've and enjoyed them both. The Dartington Bride begins in France and is centered on Roberda, daughter of the Count of Montgomery, a Huguenot leader. After a war-torn childhood, Roberda is taken to France to marry Gawen Champernowne, part of a large extended family in Devon that included the famous explorer Walter Raleigh. 

Roberda's hopes for a happy marriage are dashed the moment she meets her intended. He's cold and standoffish and seemingly unwilling to consumate the marriage. Roberda travels to the family home of Dartington in Devon and tries to make a life for herself, despite the pushback from arrogant servants and her boorish husband. 

Her story is complicated by the religious wars that rages across France and Englands refusal to aid the Huguenots. Roberda assists French widows who have fled for their lives, helping them find employment and begin new lives in England. 

Despite having many children together, Gawen tries to set Roberda aside and has the children removed from her care. But those loyal to her, fight back. 

All in all an interesting story about a strong woman in a bad situation. I enjoyed learning about the Huguenots and their struggles against the Catholic regime in France. 

Well written and researched it's a great book. 

I give this book 4 1/2 stars


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