Author Interview: Herbert Weins author of Love, Loss and Honor


Welcome to The Book's Delight. We are happy to chat with Herbert Weins, author of multiple historical fiction/time travel stories.  

JMR-Welcome to the Books Delight, Herbert. Tell our readers where you live, what you do for fun and what does the perfect day look like?

HW- Living in scenic North Idaho, you can’t help but become an outdoor person. In high school, I lived and worked on a ranch. Later, to pay for college, I worked in sawmills until I was drafted in to the military. After mustering out, I continued in the timber industry. With that kind of background, I can’t imagine not hunting, fishing, snowmobiling, and exploring every mountain top or narrow canyon. The perfect day is sitting on a silent mountain peak absorbing the view.

JMR-What’s your favorite historical time period? Why?

HW- The period from the American Civil War through the end of WWII. It was a time when the whole world endured accelerated social and political change. Empires were lost, new countries formed, and social hierarchies restructured. 

JMR-Who is your favorite historical figure? Why? If you could ask them one question, what would it be?

HW-Theodore Roosevelt. He hobnobbed with the elite but thrived while acquiring blisters beside working class Joes. Once, he came to North Idaho for a grizzly bear hunting expedition. He and his crew had to spend the night along the shore of Lake Pend Oreille in the little railroad stop of Sandpoint. The boarding house was full but the proprietor allowed Teddy to sleep in the bed of a supposedly out of town long-term renter. In the middle of the night, the other man returned. Instead of pulling rank and announcing “I am a celebrity”, Teddy just scooted over and shared the bed. Question: Did the other guy snore?

JMR- How did you come to be a writer of historical fiction?

HW- Listening to relatives reminisce while growing up, I was intrigued. While researching their stories, I discovered that there were NO clean hands in history. 

JMR- Did you visit anyone of the places in your book? Where did you feel closest to your characters?

HW- I’ve either lived in, or near, all of the North American settings. While in the military, I visited nearby but never made it into Antwerp.

JMR- Herbert, tell us about your book, Love, Loss, and Honor.

HW- The series centers around making mistakes then learning to live - or die - with the consequences. The first book is based on actual 16th century events. Every person, whose complete name was used, existed except for the blacksmith and the prison guard. I even featured quotes from the women’s documented letters to loved ones. I chose the heroine because, unlike the other women, only her first name is known. I wrote the 16th century portion 1st then built the modern-day portions around it.
     The modern MC’s name, Karen Mary Williams, is derived from the 16th century woman’s name, Mariken. In modern day, Karen is driven but self-centered. Even though she tries to do the right thing, she makes bad decisions at the most crucial times.
     My time travel is different than most people imagine. You have to die. Then, your soul travels and occupies the body of someone who doesn’t want theirs anymore.
   In the 2nd book of the series, while already dealing with PTSD over her past trauma, Karen becomes a war widow. Mariken’s 16th century blacksmith love interest travels to modern times and wanders around the Pacific Northwest trying to make sense of things 440 years in his future.
    The 3rd book centers around Karen’s son, Bill. A week before high school graduation, he makes a huge error and breaks his longtime girlfriend’s heart. The ensuing emotional journey for both involves ranching, Mediterranean crime lords, Long Island art galleries, Hutterite colonies and yes, even a tad bit of time traveling past characters.

JMR-What projects do you have in the pipeline?

HW- I’m a third of the way through the fourth installment of the series. After that, I’m planning and anthology of short stories.

JMR- Tell our readers how to find you on social media and the web.

HW- Website:  
Twitter: Herbert Wiens, Author @HerbWiensAuthor   
Facebook: Herbert Wiens, Author. 

JMR- What question were you hoping I’d ask but didn’t?

HW- Now, please tell us about your other series, They Have Conquered, and how it deals with an extended Mennonite family in Russian Revolution era Ukraine. (hahaha)

JMR- Thank you, Herbert, for stopping by and sharing  your books with us! Reeaders, I have included a link to Love, Loss and Honor below. 



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