#Book Review: War Torn by Jan Lloyd


War Torn by Jan Lloyd

Published: March 2023

Publisher: Independently Published

Genre: Historical Fiction, WWII/ Romance

Pages: 402

Available: Paperback, ebook 

❤ Great Love Story

Trigger Warning: violence, rape, war

Thank you to author Jan Lloyd for giving me a copy of her book, War Torn, to read and review.

The short story: Straight up, loved it.

The Full Review:

Frances Meyer is a violin virtuoso who is on the cusp of super stardom when the clouds of war thicken over Paris. Married to an older man, she’s spoiled and childish, refusing to see what the German war machine is doing to her husband’s fellow Jews. When Steven, her husband becomes seriously ill and  an old classmate, now an officer in the S.S. puts pressure on Frances to become his mistress, the Meyers attempt to flee France for England. Their ship is attacked and Frances, the sole survivor, is picked up by a German U-boat, captained by the handsome Kristian Mueller, and forced to live with the crew for weeks. Frances and Kristian fight the growing attraction between them. Once back on dry land, the pair are torn apart and Frances is deported and fighting for survival. Her playing skills are her greatest asset. 

War Torn is an amazing story of resilience and survival. Frances’ time aboard the submarine is one of reflection and Kristian forces her to face the ugliness of war and the part they all play in it. Frances comes to realize her inactions led to the death of her husband. She finds in Kristian, her enemy, a man of conviction, with a good heart and no illusions about the country he fights for. Both are flawed, but retain their basic humanity. This is a dark story, painful to read, but well worth it.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of historical fiction. 

My Rating: 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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