Be A Character in My Next Book! Find out how!


Hey Reader Friends! Most of y'all know me as Jean M. Roberts, author of historical fiction....but I have a secret! At night, I put on my deerstalker and pull out my magnifying glass and turn into JM Roberts, writer of super-sleuth murder mystery novels!

My first Cozy-Mystery, A Murderous Grudge, was published on 1 November and book 2 in the series, A Trophy for Murder, is scheduled for 1 February 2023. To help launch this book, I'm running a Kickstarter Campaign to help cover the cost of editing, formatting, book cover and to record an audiobook. All this costs thousands of dollars! I'm hoping y'all can help. 

I have lots of great rewards as part of my campaign, including copies of all my books, a fantastic companion cookbook and more! You can get copies of my books for less than the cost on Amazon! 

My super reward is to name a character in my third book, Murder in the Genes, which will be published by December of 2023. You can choose the name and appearance of a character. They can be the bad guy, a cop, or a friend of the main character, Peggy Rector. 

For details on all the rewards, including my historical fiction novels, see my Kickstarter Campaign page here: JM Roberts Kickstarter
This is an 'all or nothing' campaign so even $1.00 will help me reach my goal of $500, which is only a fraction of the cost to publish a book! Please check it out and see if you can help!

Thanks for following and Happy Reading!


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