Review: Answering Liberty's Call by Tracy Lawson


Anna Stone has found her place in life beside her husband Benjamin. They have formed a strong bond and a loving marriage with as much marital equality as one can muster in 1778. But Benjamin, an apple farming Baptist minister, has left her and joined the army, along with her brothers. When word reaches her of sickness and lack of food at Valley Forge, Anna decides she must come to their aid. She travels, a woman alone, for over 200 miles to bring medicine and supplies. Along the way she faces danger and is tasked to bring a message to General George Washington as his life is in peril.

The Book, Answering Liberty’s Call is beautifully written. It begins in 1778 but bounces back in time, detailing Anna’s early life, her courtship and marriage to Benjamin. I really enjoyed the format and thought the author did a brilliant job of bringing Anna to life. We slowly come to understand the drive and determination that urges Anna to ride to the aid of her brothers and husband.

Full of authentic touches and descriptions, I particularly enjoyed the nursing/medical aspect. Well researched, the book gives the reader a feel for life in late 18th century Virginia. Special attention to details such as clothing and food, put the reader into another time and place.

I would highly recommend this fantastic tale, based on a real woman, to lovers of historical fiction and to those who just love a great story. 

I rate this book:  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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