The Frowning Madonna by Jean M. Roberts


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The Frowning Madonna is a brilliant work of historical fiction fantasy. 

Here's what readers have to say:

Jean M. Roberts’s The Frowning Madonna is nothing short of a master’s class in storytelling and history, a brilliantly entertaining, whirlwind adventure through the ages.


Jean M. Roberts’s brilliantly engaging The Frowning Madonna brings the history of England, with its heroes and villains, to life in exquisitely drawn detail, masterfully intertwined with the bold quest of three Roman youths who must live through the ages to shatter an ancient curse.


The Frowning Madonna is a brilliantly engaging, vividly drawn tale that spans the ages, sending three hapless Roman youths through time, where they must outwit kings, tyrants, and the Gods of Mount Olympus to undo the curse of their own immortality – and a secret power that draws humanity to the brink of destruction time and again.


Set within a keen and vividly drawn backdrop of England’s history, Jean M. Roberts’s The Frowning Madonna puts a unique and compelling spin on historical fiction as it sends three Roman youths on a whirlwind, non-stop trek through the ages. Engaging from start to finish.


Henry V, Richard III, Oliver Cromwell, and Winston Churchill all play a part in author Jean M. Roberts’s masterful tale of three Roman youths set adrift through time to coopt the wise and outsmart the corrupt in an endless quest to undo an ancient curse. Fascinating for its history, the story of The Frowning Madonna will keep the reader hooked from start to finish.


Author Jean M. Roberts gives us a highly entertaining trek through the ages in The Frowning Madonna, deftly recreating 1500 years of England’s history to send three Roman youths on a quest to undo an ancient curse. The adventure hooks the reader from start to finish, and Roberts’s exquisitely drawn depictions of everyday London, from one period of history to the next, will prove deeply satisfying for lovers of historical fiction. Michael Scott Hopkins, Author of The Things in Heaven and Earth


The Frowning Madonna is an entertaining romp through British history — with a touch of mythology—that both teaches and delights. This is easily one of the most entertaining books I have read this year! — Richard T. Ryan


A masterful twist on the classic reincarnation theme that provides an exciting, insightful and poignant romp through history. John Hazen, author.


It's never a good idea to make a goddess angry, but it can make for a fabulous story! Spinning through England's history, the Frowning Madonna is a twisting quest full of friendship, love, and shifting allegiances that will grip you right up to the exciting end.  Nola Nash, author of The Crescent City Series and Traveler


A magical journey across English history…  

The author has out done herself this time, whereas her previous books have transported you to another single time period in history, this story covers Roman Britain to the seventies, and all kings and queens in between.

Not only do we have the excellent detailed research making the reader feel they are living the characters life, be it a washer woman or lord, but we have a magical thread linking all the events to keep the story moving.

Our three characters not only change with the times but grow and develop as they face their task.

Well written, impressive historical knowledge, combined with a fast-paced intriguing story.

Recommended equally for romance and history lovers alike, or people who simply enjoy a good read. Morton R. Leader, author of History is a Lie. 


Roman goddess. Immortal Adonis. Reincarnated Souls. A battle that spans several lifetimes to recapture the golden orb and bring it back to its rightful owner. Lalia will not stop, even if it takes a hundred lifetimes.

–Rebecca Rosenberg, award-winning author CHAMPAGNE WIDOWS

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  1. Highly recommended!
    I enjoyed reading this book. Because of a curse, the 2 women keep reincarnating and the man has eternal life, every time a time frame is described. Just when you think, now it's the same again, the element of love is added and the story gets interesting again.


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