Coffee Pot Book Tour: Empire's Heir by Marian L. Thorpe


Welcome to a stop on the Coffee Pot Book Tour for Marian L Thorpe’s Empire’s Heir, the lastest installment in her Empire’s Legacy series. We have a great blurb for you today and a review! 

The Details:

 Book Title: Empires Heir
Series: Empires Legacy, Book VI
Author: Marian L Thorpe
Publication Date: 30th August 2021
Publisher: Arboretum Press
Page Length: 438 Pages
Genre: Historical Fantasy
Trigger Warnings: Death, rape.

The Blurb

 Some games are played for mortal stakes.

Gwenna, heir to Ésparias, is summoned by the Empress of Casil to compete for the hand of her son. Offered power and influence far beyond what her own small land can give her, Gwenna’s strategy seems clear – except she loves someone else.
Nineteen years earlier, the Empress outplayed Cillian in diplomacy and intrigue. Alone, his only living daughter has little chance to counter the Empress's experience and skill. Aging and torn by grief and worry, Cillian insists on accompanying Gwenna to Casil.
Risking a charge of treason, faced with a choice he does not want to make, Cillian must convince Gwenna her future is more important than his – while Gwenna plans her moves to keep her father safe. Both are playing a dangerous game. Which one will concede – or sacrifice? 


Author Bio:

Essays, poetry, short stories, peer-reviewed scientific papers, curriculum documents, technical guides, grant applications, press releases – if it has words, its likely Marian L Thorpe has written it, somewhere along the line. But nothing has given her more satisfaction than her novels. Combining her love of landscape and history, set in a world reminiscent of Europe after the decline of Rome, her books arise from a lifetime of reading and walking and wondering what if?Pre-pandemic, Marian divided her time between Canada and the UK, and hopes she may again, but until then, she resides in a small, very bookish, city in Canada, with her husband Brian and Pye-Cat.


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My Review:

Although I was aware that Empire's Heir was the latest installment in a series which I had not read, I was so intrigued by the book that I wanted to read it. So, I'll start my review by saying that I had no problem diving into the book. The story is told by two main characters, Gwenna, heir to Esparias, and her father, Cillian. The story centers on Gwenna who has been called to Casil by the Empress as a potential bride for her son and heir. Gwenna is torn between her duty and her personal desires and the need to protect those she loves. 


I fell head long into this story. The writing is smart and the reader can tell immediately that a lot of thought went into creating the world in which the characters inhabit. Although the story is a fantasy, it was clear that Casil was based on the Roman Empire and other countries of the ancient world. The characters are complex and well-drawn, you feel you really know them by the end and are sad to say goodbye. The plot is complex with lots of relationships to pick apart. This is not a book to rush through, but one to savor; the details, the descriptions, the very real feel, makes you want to take your time and absorb every moment. 

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