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Announcing the relaunch of 

American Historical Novels Facebook Group

Are you a fan of American History and American Historical Fiction? On Monday, November 1st, the Facebook Group: American Historical Novels relaunches with an all new format. The site will no longer be open for author promotions which clog up the feed. Instead we will focus on discussions about history, culture, societal issues, the craft of writing and more. We will feature authors on a monthly basis to get a in-depth look at their work. 

On Monday we will be having a special relaunch day with gift basket giveaways of books and goodies from our home states of Texas, Vermont, Massachusetts and Alabama. Comment on our relaunch message to enter the contest. 

I am excited to play a role in this relaunch and hope that you will join us, not only on Monday but everyday for great content, community and fun, all while enjoying, engaging and learning more about inclusive American History. 

I hope you'll join us here on Monday at 8 Eastern:

American Historical Novels

I look forward to seeing you on American Historical Novels, can't wait to start chatting about history! 


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