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Welcome to a stop on the Coffee Pot Book Tour for The Whirlpools of Time. Today we have a great blurb and a review to whet your appetite! 

The Details

Book Title: The Whirlpools of Time
Author: Anna Belfrage
Publication Date: 11th June 2021
Publisher: Timelight Press
Page Length: 388 Pages
Genre: Time travel romance, Scottish Historical Romance
Series: Yes

Sex 💖: Yes. A lot of sex!

Violence 😱😱😱: Yes. Lots of scenes of beatings, fights, abductions, etc.


The Blurb

 He hoped for a wife. He found a companion through time and beyond.

It is 1715 and for Duncan Melville something fundamental is missing from his life. Despite a flourishing legal practice and several close friends, he is lonely, even more so after the recent death of his father. He needs a wife—a companion through life, someone to hold and be held by. What he wasnt expecting was to be torn away from everything he knew and find said woman in 2016…

Erin Barnes has a lot of stuff going on in her life. She doesnt need the additional twist of a stranger in weird outdated clothes, but when he risks his life to save hers, she feels obligated to return the favour. Besides, whoever Duncan may be, she cant exactly deny the immediate attraction.

The complications in Erins life explode. Events are set in motion and to Erins horror she and Duncan are thrown back to 1715. Not only does Erin have to cope with a different and intimidating world, soon enough she and Duncan are embroiled in a dangerous quest for Duncans uncle, a quest that may very well cost them their lives as they travel through a Scotland poised on the brink of rebellion. 

Will they find Duncans uncle in time? And is the door to the future permanently closed, or will Erin find a way back?

 Trigger Warnings: Sexual Content. Violence.


My Review

I would like to thank Anna Belfrage and the Coffee Pot Book Tour for allowing me to read The Whirlpools of Time. I was unaware when I began reading that this was one of a series of books of which I had not read. I found the opening paragraphs extremely difficult to follow as there are so many characters mentioned in a matter of pages that I was somewhat lost. Once I got to the heart of the story, Duncan travels back through time and meets Erin, the narrative settled down and I was able to follow the flow of characters much more easily.

 Duncan and Erin are highly likeable, sympathetic characters. Duncan is an irrepressible gentleman who takes to the modern world like a duck to water. Erin is very much the modern woman with a strong sense of independence but she is deeply attracted to this man from the past. I liked that she was of mixed race and thought her experience of racism in the past was well done, even as I cringed at the attitudes towards slave-mistresses.

 Duncan and Erin really, really like each other and there is quite a bit of sex in the story. I thought the sex scenes were tastefully written and should appeal to readers who enjoy a bit of spice. There is also a significant amount of violence in the story. Attacks, beatings, murders, abductions, threats of rape, etc. Duncan spends so much time fighting and getting beaten up, it’s a wonder he’s able to perform!

 I really enjoyed the history in this story. I have read some about the Jacobite rebellion but it was interesting to see the man on the ground story; those for and those against. An of course I loved the description of life in another time.

 The pace is fast, the story well-plotted with an intriguing subplot involving a locket. Although it has a satisfactory ending, it is clear that the story of Duncan and Erin will continue in another volume.

Author Bio

Had Anna been allowed to choose, she’d have become a time-traveller. As this was impossible, she became a financial professional with two absorbing interests: history and writing. Anna has authored the acclaimed time travelling series The Graham Saga, set in 17th century Scotland and Maryland, as well as the equally acclaimed medieval series The King’s Greatest Enemy which is set in 14th century England. 

 Anna has also published The Wanderer, a fast-paced contemporary romantic suspense trilogy with paranormal and time-slip ingredients. Her September 2020 release, His Castilian Hawk, has her returning to medieval times. Set against the complications of Edward I’s invasion of Wales, His Castilian Hawk is a story of loyalty, integrity—and love. Her most recent release, The Whirlpools of Time, is a time travel romance set against the backdrop of brewing rebellion in the Scottish highlands.

 All of Anna’s books have been awarded the IndieBRAG Medallion, she has several Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choices, and one of her books won the HNS Indie Award in 2015. She is also the proud recipient of various Reader’s Favorite medals as well as having won various Gold, Silver and Bronze Coffee Pot Book Club awards.

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