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The Details


Book Title: Down Salem Way
Series: The Loving Husband Series
Author: Meredith Allard
Publication Date: June 2019
Publisher: Copperfield Press
Page Length: 352 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction


The Blurb


How would you deal with the madness of the Salem witch hunts?

 In 1690, James Wentworth arrives in Salem in the Massachusetts Bay Colony with his father, John, hoping to continue the success of John’s mercantile business. While in Salem, James falls in love with Elizabeth Jones, a farmer’s daughter. Though they are virtually strangers when they marry, the love between James and Elizabeth grows quickly into a passion that will transcend time.

But something evil lurks down Salem way. Soon many in Salem, town and village, are accused of practicing witchcraft and sending their shapes to harm others. Despite the madness surrounding them, James and Elizabeth are determined to continue the peaceful, loving life they have created together. Will their love for one another carry them through the most difficult challenge of all?


Guest Post:

Allard Blog for The Books Delight.

Down Salem Way is set around the Salem Witch Trials in 1692. While Down Salem Way is the prequel to the Loving Husband Trilogy, it was written as a stand-alone novel so you don’t need to read the trilogy to understand the story.

In Down Salem Way, we see two of the characters readers love from the Loving Husband Trilogy, James and Elizabeth Wentworth. They are newly married in January 1691 and they are in the process of creating a warm, loving life together. As time passes, the madness of the Salem witch hunts starts to invade their lives. James and Elizabeth try to keep themselves out of the problems, but inevitably they are caught up in the madness. Down Salem Way fills in the bits about the Salem witch hunts that Her Dear and Loving Husband leaves out.

The truth is, the book was inspired by Loving Husband Trilogy fans. After I finished writing Her Loving Husband’s Return, the final book in the trilogy, I thought my time with James and Sarah Wentworth was done. But fans kept asking for more. For as long as a year I said there wouldn’t be any more Loving Husband books since the story is pretty well wrapped up with the end of the trilogy. But the fans kept asking. Finally, I came up with the idea for Down Salem Way as a way to talk more about James and his wife’s experiences during the Salem Witch Trials.

Although it is part of the Loving Husband Series, Down Salem Way is written in first-person point of view from the point of view of James Wentworth, a character I have been writing about since 2009 when I started writing the series. The Loving Husband Trilogy is written from both James and Sarah’s point of view, but I decided to write Down Salem Way as James’ journal after reading Marilynne K. Roach’s The Salem Witch Trials: A Day-by-Day Chronicle of a Community Under Siege, which is a day by day breakdown of the events of the witch hunts.

Of all of the characters I’ve written, James is probably the one I most identify with. We’re both bookish scholars who would rather read, write, and contemplate than deal with the real world. I think it’s good for writers to press themselves out of their comfort zones sometimes and try something different. I’m so thankful to the fans who asked me to continue the story.


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Author Bio:

 Meredith Allard is the author of the bestselling paranormal historical Loving Husband Trilogy. Her sweet Victorian romance, When It Rained at Hembry Castle, was named a best historical novel by IndieReader. Her nonfiction book, Painting the Past: A Guide for Writing Historical Fiction, was named a #1 New Release in Authorship and Creativity Self-Help by Amazon. When she isn’t writing she’s teaching writing, and she has taught writing to students ages five to 75. She loves books, cats, and coffee, though not always in that order. She lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Visit Meredith online at


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