Author Interview: Paul Vecchiet / The Disclosure Paradox



JMR-Welcome to the Books Delight, Paul. Tell our readers where you live, what you do for fun and what does the perfect day look like?

PV-I live on six acres that are part of the south slope of a mountain in rural West Virginia. Our house is seven miles from the nearest town, Capon Bridge. The town has an approximate population of three hundred-fifty people. We enjoy nature, its quietness, a local artists’ coop and on clear nights, the splendor of the heavens. We rarely have perfect days. A good day involves getting a lot of work done on the property or the house and then relaxing.

JMR-What’s your favorite historical time period? Why?

PV-The most impactful era that has given me enjoyment in learning about it, is the Renaissance; a cultural awakening without rival. It was a magnificent response to the dark ages. The most important artistic and scientific concepts came from the minds that lived in that era. Many of those concepts served as foundations for our present-day technologies.

JMR-Who is your favorite historical figure? Why? If you could ask them one question, what would it be?

PV-The most enigmatic being that would have a profound effect on humanity for centuries, and continue to, is the one they call Jesus. It is interesting to know that, as popular he is, we really don’t have all the facts. There are no valid images representing him. Where was he taken after he was born? How did he learn the Christian philosophy which actually has some Buddhist concepts? Where was he until he showed up riding back into Nazareth?

JMR- How did you come to be a writer? What motivates you to continue?

PV-As an architect, I write reports, technical documents, letters, instructions to contractors. I had a blog about my on-going experiences related to the spiritual part of the ET phenomenon. I stopped the blog while I was applying for work with the government. Experiences continued. I continued to meet more interesting people, so I reasoned that I needed to document that in a novel.

JMR- Paul, tell us about your new book, The Disclosure Paradox.

PV- It is truth disguised as science-fiction. It takes a decade of my experiences and transmissions with an ET race through a medium, and condenses it into a dynamic two-week cross-country journey of self-awareness. It is meant to bridge the gap between science and religion. All characters are based on real people. Most events are factual. I use historic data to support the tenet that ETs live on the planet in remote places such as Antarctica and Alaska. I also explain some hoaxes. Early in the novel, I guide the reader through the leaps in logic going down the rabbit hole, but not too far. Readers have related to chapter.

JMR- You book is about UFOs. Are you a believer?

PV-UFOs are real. I had an experience as an Air Force officer discovering the location that was used to store exotic cadavers. The topic should not be a subject of ridicule or embarrassment by those that claim an encounter. The book is not entirely about UFOs, but UFOs and ETs play an important part of presenting the main idea.

JMR-What projects do you have in the pipeline?

PV-I am currently writing a screenplay for this novel. There is so much information in the novel that it will be two films, if it happens. I have completed the second novel, ‘What Doesn’t Kill Her’, a psychological thriller which serves as a prequel involving three characters in the first novel. It is ready for publishing. The first novel and the second novel have natural sequels that I have in mind. I also plan to write a historically accurate book of two separate stories based on the experiences of my father and my grandfather (on my mother’s side) during WWII as they fought on the Italian side.

JMR- Tell our readers how to find you on social media and the web.

PV-There are three outlets on media. The first, is on Facebook. I have a author page called The Disclosure Paradox: a science-fiction novel; the second is Twitter – just search my name; the third is my website:

JMR- What question were you hoping I’d ask but didn’t?

PV-“What do you hope readers take away from your novel?”

JMR- Thank you, Paul for a very interesting interview. Readers, I know you will want to check out Paul's book so I've provided a link below.


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