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Today we welcome to The Book's Delight, a stop on the Coffee Pot Book Tour for Mercedes Rochelle's gripping story of King Henry VI, The Usurper King. We have a great blurb and a review! Grab a cup of something warm and join us!

The Details:

Book Title: The Usurper King
Series: The Plantagenet Legacy Book 3
Author: Mercedes Rochelle
Publication Date: TBC
Publisher: Sergeant Press
Page Length: 308 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction

The Author:

Mercedes Rochelle is an ardent lover of medieval history, and has channeled this interest into fiction writing. Her first four books cover eleventh-century Britain and events surrounding the Norman Conquest of England. The next series is called The Plantagenet Legacy about the struggles and abdication of Richard II, leading to the troubled reigns of the Lancastrian Kings. She also writes a blog: to explore the history behind the story. Born in St. Louis, MO, she received by BA in Literature at the Univ. of Missouri St. Louis in 1979 then moved to New York in 1982 while in her mid-20s to “see the world”. The search hasn’t ended! Today she lives in Sergeantsville, NJ with her husband in a log home they had built themselves.

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The Blurb:

From Outlaw to Usurper, Henry Bolingbroke fought one rebellion after another.

First, he led his own uprising. Gathering support the day he returned from exile, Henry marched across the country and vanquished the forsaken Richard II. Little did he realize that his problems were only just beginning. How does a usurper prove his legitimacy? What to do with the deposed king? Only three months after he took the crown, Henry IV had to face a rebellion led by Richard's disgruntled favorites. Worse yet, he was harassed by rumors of Richard's return to claim the throne. His own supporters were turning against him. How to control the overweening Percies, who were already demanding more than he could give? What to do with the rebellious Welsh? After only three years, the horrific Battle of Shrewsbury nearly cost him the throne—and his life. It didn't take long for Henry to discover that that having the kingship was much less rewarding than striving for it.

The Review:

Thank you, to the author and the Coffee Pot Book Tour for giving me a copy of this book to review.

The Plot in Brief: King Richard II has gone to far. Not only has he exiled Henry Bolingbroke, heir to the Duchy of Lancaster, but he has stripped him of his inheritance. Richard is away in Ireland leaving his kingdom unattended. Dare Henry take a chance to recover his lands?

The Characters: I have read numerous books about Henry VI and his rebellious ascension to the throne of England, so I was not unfamiliar with the basics of this story. But my familiarity did not hinder my enjoyment of the author’s portrayal of these significant figures. Henry and his eventual wife, Joanna of Navarre, seem real, as are the complicated relationships that Henry has with his children, especially his eldest and heir, the future King Henry V. I enjoyed the author’s stance of the fate of Richard II, that he did not die at the hands of his cousin, but rather found a different life for himself.

The History: It is obvious that the author is in full command of the historical events of the time period and its key players. The historical details are seamlessly woven into the story. It is an amazing period of time with lots of high stake’s drama and I enjoyed every bit of it.

The Writing: Well written, well edited, this is a fast-paced romp through English history. No complaints from this reader.

Recommendations: I think anyone who enjoys well written historical fiction will be keen to read this book and series.

Rating: I give this book ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐5 stars

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