Book Review: The Ghosts of Saratoga by David Ossont and David Dampf


Today on the Book's Delight we review a YA novel set during the American Revolution. Thanks to the authors, David Ossont David Dampf for sending me a copy of their book.

The Details:

The Ghosts of Saratoga by David Ossont and David Dampf

Published: 2019

Publisher: Milford House

Genre: Historical Fiction, Military Fiction, Young Adult

Pages: 147

Available: Paperback, ebook


My Review:

Reviewers Note: I was given a free copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.

The Plot in Brief: Set during the American Revolution, this is the story of Roland McCaffrey, a teenaged scout and sharpshooter as he experiences his first taste of war during the Battle of Saratoga.

The Characters: Roland is the central character in this story of a young soldier as he experiences the ugliness of war. His is really well drawn and we feel his anguish as he makes his first kill as a sharpshooter. He grapples with the idea of killing men and the brutality of war. Beside him is Irishman Caleb O’Connor, a protective father figure who looks out for Roland or ‘Rollie’ as he calls him. The pages are filled with ‘real’ historical figures from Americans Benedict Arnold, Daniel Morgan and Timothy Murphy to British soldiers General John Burgoyne.

The History: From the retreat from Fort Ticonderoga to the multiday battle of Saratoga, the narrative is well researched and told in amazing detail. I really enjoyed reading about camp life, preparations for battle and the aftermath. If you enjoy battlefield history you will really like this book.

The Writing: Well written, well edited, the books zips along at a rapid pace. I was never bored or tempted to skip ahead.

Recommendation: I would highly recommend this book to lovers of American historical fiction, the American Revolution and military history. Young Adults as well as older readers will appreciate this fantastic story.

My Rating: I rate this book   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   5 Stars.




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