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Welcome to today's stop on the Coffee Pot Book Tour for Michael L. Ross' The Search. A tale of the Old West. I am excited to have an excerpt from the book for you to read!

The Details:

Book Title: The Search
Series: Across the Great Divide
Author: Michael L. Ross
Publication Date: December 15, 2020
Publisher: HistoricalNovelsRUS
Page Length: 217 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction, Christian Historical Fiction, Historical Romance

The Author:

Best-selling author Michael Ross is a lover of history and great stories. He's a retired software engineer turned author, with three children and five grandchildren, living in Newton, Kansas with his wife of forty years. He was born in Lubbock, Texas, and still loves Texas. The main character of "Across the Great Divide", William Dorsey Crump, is one of the founders of Lubbock and Shallowater, Texas. Michael knew Will's granddaughter when he was a child. He has written a scholarly article on Will Crump for the Texas Historical Society, published in the Handbook of Texas Online, and has sold short stories in the past. This is his first novel and the first in the Across the Great Divide series, now an Amazon bestseller.
Michael attended Rice University as an undergraduate, and Portland State University for his graduate degree. He has degrees in computer science, software engineering, and German. In his spare time, Michael loves to go fishing, riding horses, and play with his grandchildren, who are currently all under six years old.
He sees many parallels between the time of the Civil War and our divided nation of today. Sanctuary cities, immigration, arguments around the holiday table, threats of secession - all are nothing new. Sometimes, to understand the present, you have to look at the past- and reach Across the Great Divide.  


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 The Blurb: 

Where do you go when home is no longer an option? 

The guns of the Civil War have ceased firing, and the shots are but an echo... yet the war rages on, deep inside Will Crump's soul. His "soldier's heart" is searching for peace, and in that quest Will joins the westward movement, setting his path on a collision course with adventure, loss, and love. 

The Westward Expansion floods the sacred, untouched lands with immigrants, bringing conflict to the Shoshone, Sioux, Cheyenne, and Arapaho. Amidst the chaos Will finds safety in the shadow of the US Army, but the army brings battle-hardened troops into Red Cloud's War, pulling Will into a tornado of conflict. Broken treaties and promises leave both sides searching for answers. Will's search leads him to a battle for survival, and there he finds a love that could change him forever. 

Dove, a young Shoshone woman, is a survivor of the Bear Creek Massacre. After being kidnapped and escaping from the Cheyenne, she joins Will's search, seeking where she belongs. Dove longs for more than the restricted role placed on women in her tribe. If she can learn to trust a white man, he just might help her find home... and hope. 

Together, Will and Dove must search for understanding, and reach Across the Great Divide. 

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The Excerpt:


Will aimed and fired. It wasn’t the most accurate shot, but the brave dropped, and the others sprang to their feet, looking both for their captive and their assailant. Will didn’t hesitate long. Using the firelight and a sudden break in the clouds, he levered another round and aimed. A second brave’s head exploded, blood going everywhere. The third ran behind a rock. He couldn’t see Will to fire back. Just as the clouds covered the moon again, he saw the last captor making his way from rock to rock, down the slope to where Dove lay. Soon he’d be out of range, and there would be no clear shot. By the time he moved down there, it would likely be too late.

He prayed the Psalm, “Praise be to the Lord my rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.” Will waited for the warrior to pop into the open again. He had one shot, one chance. Will moderated his breathing, just like at the contest at Fort Laramie, and willed himself to be calm. There he was! Will squeezed the trigger, not jerking despite his haste. The Indian’s chest opened, and he fell backward. Will waited, five seconds, ten seconds, but there was no more movement.

He stood, leaning on the rifle. He hoped the sound of the shots would not draw other hostiles. He hobbled down to Dusty, untied Lightning, and then found another rock to use as a mounting block after sheathing the rifle. Winding his way down, mindful of rocks and looking for other dangers, he rode to the bottom of the embankment beside the gully

There was Dove, bound and lying very still. There was a gash on her head and a bruise on her cheek.

Will dismounted, tied Dusty, and knelt over Dove. He touched her neck and felt a pulse. She was alive. She was breathing. He pulled out his knife and cut the thongs at her hands and ankles. What to do? He couldn’t carry her. He couldn’t even drag her. He had to get her to the fire and warm both of them. He breathed a prayer and then tried waving the whiskey in front of her nose, putting a drop on her lips. She responded, licking her lips, opening her eyes, and coughing.

“Dove, are you all right?”

She looked panicked, moving her head side to side, as though to see where she was. There was no recognition in her eyes, only fear.

He moved his hand toward her, and she tried to block him. She mumbled in Shoshone, but he didn’t understand. It was like she didn’t know who he was, didn’t recognize him.

After a few minutes, she rolled over and pushed herself up to a kneeling position, facing him. She saw the horse, looked up and saw the dead Sioux that had chased her, and then back at Will. Standing, she looked puzzled, as if she were concentrating.


Relief flooded through him. He moved toward Dove, arms open, hopping to avoid weight on his ankle as she stood. “Dove! I thought I’d lost you.”

“Head hurts bad.”

She almost knocked him over as she fell into his arms.

“You came for me.”


She looked up at him, eyes searching, lips parted. He hesitated, then slowly brought his lips to hers, seeking. His heart filled with love, and then, sensing acceptance, he kissed harder, more intensely, their lips clinging together. All he could think of was how wonderful she felt, how glad he was that she was safe, how much he loved her. He felt her tremble under his touch until they parted, breathless.

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