Author Interview: Rebecca Amiss


Happy Tuesday Readers. It's author interview day. Our guest is Rebecca Amiss. Rebecca has published two short stories and is currently working on her first full length novel. 


JMR- Rebecca, welcome to the Books Delight, tell us where you live? What do you do for fun? What does the perfect day look like? 

RA- Thank you for having me, Jeanie! I am from Massachusetts and have lived here all my life. For fun I like to read and watch movies and tv and cook and bake as well. My perfect day would be a crisp and cool fall day where I can wear a sweater and leggings. I would write in the morning and relax at night with a glass of wine and a good movie!


JMR- You have two published short stories, one set in the 1940s and one the 1970s. What inspired you to write these tales? 

RA- For my short story The First Snowfall of Christmas Eve, I was inspired by the great Christmas films of the 1940s, specifically Miracle on 34th Street. It’s one of my favorites, and never fails to make me feel all cozy inside! For Down by the Bay, I was inspired by my love of Southern Domestic fiction. I love reading stories set in the South. I also work with young children during the week and hear that song practically every day! Haha. I thought it would make a great title for a story.


JMR- What would you say was your favorite historical time period? Why? 

RA- That’s such a hard one! I love so many! However, I’m very fond of the 1950s because I love everything from the fashion to the music and movies. Plus, Marilyn Monroe is my favorite actress and I love watching all of her films. It was such a fascinating time period that has so many historical moments that it’s hard to pick just one.


JMR- Who is your favorite historical female? Why? What burning question would you like to ask her? 

RA- I have so many! Haha. One person who I’ve always admired is Rosa Parks. She was such an incredible pioneer and voice for the Civil Rights Movement. I remember watching an episode of Touched by An Angel with my mom when I was a little girl. Rose Parks made a cameo appearance at the end and I remember thinking how awesome it was that they got her to appear in the episode, even if it was just for a little bit. I was almost star struck watching it. Not so much a question, but I would tell her how much I admire her and how incredibly brave she was to fight for something so important and how she inspired so many women and still continues to inspire both women and young girls to this day.


JMR- It might surprise some readers, of a certain age, that the 1970s are considered historical fiction. How did you ensure that you got the details right? 

RA- I wanted to make sure I got the details as accurate as possible. I did a lot of research on the 1970s, especially in the South. I looked at old photographs and advertisements. I went to my parents for help as well as they were both around during that time period.


JMR- Rebecca tell us about what you are working on now? I believe it is set post WWII?  

RA- Yes! My current WIP which is titled South of Home, is set in 1946. It takes place in both Boston, MA and Savannah GA.  I like to call it a mix of if Steel Magnolias and Schitt’s Creek met in the 1940s haha. It’s a lighthearted story that I hope will make readers laugh and warm their hearts as well.


JMR- Where do you look for inspiration? A place, a person, a book? Something else? 

RA- I love watching Old Hollywood movies, so I mostly look there. When I’m writing a historical fiction story, I like to cast actors from that era as my characters. I feel it helps with the authenticity and it helps me find the character’s voice as well.


JMR- Rebecca where can readers find you on social media and the web? 

RA- They can find me on Instagram (rebeccaamisswriter), Twitter (@RebeccaJAmiss), Pinterest (Rebecca Amiss Author), Goodreads (Rebecca Amiss) and


JMR- What question were you hoping I’d ask but didn’t? 

RA- You asked all the questions I was hoping!! Thank you so much again, Jeanie! This was so much fun! I really appreciate it!

JMR- Thank you, Rebecca for stopping by. Good Luck with your new book and let us know when it is released. 




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