The Heron: A little teaser!


Hello Readers! I thought I'd give you a little taste of my next novel, set for publication by Black Rose Writing in April 2021. I'm just about to finish my last edit before sending it off to the publisher for them to review. I also have a mock-up of a book cover which I quite like. 


Reach through the mists of time and touch the face of the past.

An invitation arrives; Abbey Coote, professor of American Studies, has won an extended stay in a historic B&B, Pine Tree House. The timing is perfect. Abbey is recovering from an accident which left her abusive boyfriend dead and her with little memory of the event. But her idyllic respite soon takes a terrifying turn. While exploring the ancient house, Abbey comes face to face with Mary Foss, a woman dead for 350 years. Through a time/mind interface Abbey experiences the horrors of Mary’s life, living at the edge of the civilized world in 1690s New England and struggles to free them both from the past.

Let me know what you think and any comments on my cover! 



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