Black Rose Writing Author: Hail Mary by Patti Liszkay

Author: Patti Liszkay lives in Columbus, Ohio. You can follow her blog at

Official Blurb: In this sequel to the romantic comedy of errors Equal and Opposite Reactions: Trysta is in therapy.

Darren suspects that his newborn daughter is not his. Trysta is desperate to keep a man in her life and a roof over her head.

Darren is desperate to break free from his iron-fisted boss Angelo Barbieri, his insufferable stepbrother Geoffry, and Trysta.

Darren hatches a plan. Trysta hatches several.And Sally and Silvio just want to live happily ever after. Everybody’s going to need a Hail Mary. 

My ReviewSometimes you need a book that can convince you that your life is normal. No, not a self-help tome that preaches about how to get along with your spouse, your ex or your children. Nope, what you need is Hail Mary by Patti Liszkay. Patti's book is a sequel to Equals and Opposite Reactions but can be read independently as a stand alone novel. The author does a great job of getting the reader up to speed on the characters and their 'situations'. 

The humorous narrative focuses on two couples who have exchanged partners. Sally and Silvio and Darren and Trysta, and their 'his and hers' children. The story-line is full of angst, intrigue, plotting and botched schemes as each character tries to figure out their life and search for happiness. The characters are fun and full of life. They will make you laugh, angry and cheer for their success. They will also, hopefully, make you grateful for your normal, boring life!

The plot zips along in this relatively short book. So absorbed in the story, I found myself at the end in record time. The writing is crisp and told in third person omniscient so you get a peek into all their heads. The narrative is driven by dialogue which feels authentic and is really the meat of the story. The author is also a playwright, which shows. Overall, I really enjoyed Hail Mary, I read most of it in waiting rooms while accompanying a family member on their doctor's appointment. I appreciated having a good read to keep me occupied. 

I recommend this book to readers who enjoy contemporary Women's Fiction and readers in general who appreciate a well told story. 

I give this book 5 Stars: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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